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How To Start A Teeth Whitening Business Using Fresh Effects

NO LICENSING REQUIRED! Starting your own teeth whitening business has never been easier. Simply choose a kit we've created for you below,  and follow the training.

Results are showing our prior training clients are excelling in business with this billion dollar industry after completing our training course.



• Our training provides full understanding on how to deliver a safe and professional teeth whitening

• You operate under your own name and policies.

• Extremely detailed online training to ensure you provide the best service.

• Access to the password protected training portal you can view at your own convenience.

• A separate training portal for when you hire additional whitening techs.

• A two-hour live training session for up to 3 people.

• Certificate of completion for each whitening tech initially trained.

• Training and content to create your free online consent form, or print outs for in-office.

• All the products and supplies required to whiten your client's teeth.

• You become part of our VIP email list and Facebook Group to receive ongoing tips and motivation.

• Expansion requires no additional fee! This means you only pay for the course once.