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Do You Have To Be A Dentist To Whiten Teeth?

No, we never give dental advice, and never represent ourselves as dentists. It's very important to not use certain words for claims about whitening. We include this information in our training course. Some states require your clients perform the teeth whitening procedure on themselves. The American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the use of peroxide for over-the-counter use.  It will be your responsibility to check your state laws to see which method you are required to offer.  Since our products can be self-administered,  it is no different from what they can perform on their own. If you're required to offer the self-administered method, you will be there to guide them and verbally assist them during the chair-side procedure, but you will never touch their mouths or teeth. You will recommend that your customers visit their dentist regularly and require they sign a consent form stating they have been given the ok by their dentist to undergo the procedure. 

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

ABSOLUTELY! Our organic whitening gel formulation is a plant and mineral based product with built in enamel building qualities. Not only is the active ingredient safe and effective, it can also help kill bacteria. Our gel does not change or damage the structure of the teeth, as our gel is non abrasive.  We use a cold blue LED light that oxidizes our gel to help speed up the process of the active ingredients.

What Is My Cost Per Client?

As we can't give an exact answer because this will depend on your breakdown of rent, software, etc.; we can say that the breakdown for all products and supplies used is around only $30. You can charge between $149-$349 for this service which gives you great profit margins. 

What Is The Shelf Life For The Whitening Gel?

If your gel is refrigerated and kept below 90 degrees it should stay 100% effective for up to 8 months. 

What Can My Client's Expect During The Procedure?

They will undergo 3-4 back-to-back sessions, making the appointment about 90 minutes. After they complete the whitening their teeth can brighten up to 14 shades. You will see an average improvement of three to eight shades after the first 20 minutes. Results will depend on the current tooth shade, treatment time, and the composition of the teeth. Everyone's teeth are different and will have a natural stopping point. The end results will be a whiter, and healthier smile!

How long will the whitening last?

We can't guarantee how long results will last because everybody has different tooth composition, diet of colored foods and drinks, and hydration. These are factors in determining the length of results, but the average is 3-6 months. This is why we include a 6 month Home Care Kit to send home with your clients to whiten just surface stains, and remind your client's to come in for a touch-up. 

Does it hurt?

This is the biggest question or concern with teeth whitening. Our organic gel contains no preservatives or harsh chemicals that will lead to sensitivity. Most clients experience no sensitivity, BUT a very small percentage of clients do because they are dehydrated which can cause dehydrated nerves in your teeth. Any sensitivity is short term and gone within 24-48 hours. 

Will it work on crowns and fillings?

We are so excited to say....YES! Because our gel does an internal whitening, that means we can brighten ALL dental work back to the original color your dentist made them. We cannot guarantee they will match the rest of your new beautiful bright smile but you will be so happy with your overall brighter smile! If your existing dental work is not in your smile line then no need to worry, as they won't be affected by the whitening process anyway. 

Are There Any Side Effects My Client's Can Experience?

Some people may feel a slight tingling sensation or have minor discomfort during or after the procedure. A few may have white spots, called blanching, on their gums as well. These effects are quickly relieved within a few minutes or so. Most people report no discomfort or sensitivity at all during or after their treatment. Different people react in different ways to ingredients and treatments, and this holds true for laser teeth whitening procedures.