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About Us

The owners of Fresh Effects started their own teeth whitening studio in Sandy, UT. They knew there was a need in the market for affordable teeth whitening, that left their clients with little to no sensitivity, and could be done in one appointment. After 6 months of running their own studio successfully, they had people reaching out asking to purchase their products, and for tips on training.  They took hundreds of hours to create the best online training, that also includes a turn-key package to get started. 



We've taken hundreds of hours to ensure you have the best online training course to get started.  You will be taken through 12 lessons that cover everything you need to know to ensure you are offering the best whitening service on the market. 

We provide information on the type of insurance you need to carry, setting up the foundations of your business,  getting your studio set up, training employees, training on all the products and supplies, tooth anatomy, scheduling software, reminder emails for your clients, how to do mobile teeth whitening, and where to reorder all your products and supplies. 

We've taken it one step further than our competitors, and offer a live two-hour training session. Once you've completed the lessons in your online course, you schedule your live training with us via Zoom. During this training you have the opportunity to perform the treatment, and ask any questions during the process.  Up the three trainees may attend this live training. 

When your live training is complete, each of the trainees will receive their Fresh Effects™ Certificate of Completion. 


Re-ordering your products and supplies are simplified with our online store.  There is no monthly minimum order required. Our store is constantly expanding with new supplies to make your re-ordering a breeze. We also have many new items in our research and development stage to be added to our store.  

We are highly competitive with our wholesale pricing, and understand that every penny counts for our clients.  Any money saving options we come across, we pass on to you. 

At Fresh Effects we take supporting our training clients very serious. The biggest compliment we constantly receive is the care we put into the success of our clients, and the availability for support. Don't just take our word for it, read our client's testimonials below. 



Chad & Jessenia

"At first, we were nervous about starting our own company; especially not really knowing anything about teeth whitening. But, we found that Danielle has invested so much time building a very thorough training program that literally walks you through each step. 

We love the support we receive from Danielle and for the amazing opportunity to learn from her. 

If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not you should do this, then I would tell you to jump! Jump both feet in and go!”



"I wanted to provide for my family, I wanted to be successful in my own way, and I think that this program just really provides that for me.


It’s been so awesome following in their footsteps and learning the process because I don’t know what I would have done without this program.


It’s been so amazing, and Danielle and Doug are so helpful and I could not be more grateful.”



"I decided to do this business after I was amazed at the results that were given to me when I got my teeth whitened. It’s a great business, and Doug and Danielle have been nothing but kind along the way.


Their program they started is just absolutely mind blowing how simple, and how step-by-step the program is. It’s been very, very great working with them and I have nothing but kind words and great things to say about them.

So, if you are looking at doing this business, I would definitely take a serious look at it, because it’s a serious business. They took a lot of time developing it and showing you just exactly what you need to do."