17% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel


We've created a process with our Organic Teeth Whitening Gel that enables your clients to achieve their brightest smile in just one appointment!  Our gel whitens three layers deep and includes vitamins and minerals to help repair damaged enamel,  significantly reduce sensitivity, and aid in killing any bacteria. Your clients leave with a brighter, and healthier, smile! 

This gel, combined with our teeth whitening training course will help you deliver the best teeth whitening experience.

Remineralizer & Desensitizer With Trace Vitamins and Minerals


Our high quality Remineralizer and Desensitizer treatment contains trace minerals that are essential to healthy teeth. It’s a quick and easy treatment that goes hand-in-hand with the teeth whitening process, and is highly beneficial for all clients.

For sensitivity, it helps desensitize your teeth by numbing the nerves that could be affected due to dehydration.

Home Kit For Easy Touch-Ups After In-Office Treatment


This easy to use maintenance kit comes with a 6-month supply of teeth whitening treatments to whiten only surface stains, in between office touch-ups.  

On-The-Go Touch-Up Pen


You can retail these pens to your clients after their teeth whitening treatment for between $20-$40. They are convenient to carry around and touch-up surface stains.